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Handheld Particle counter

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Zhejiang Fuxia Medical Technology Co.,ltd.
Zhejiang, China
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Main Products: clean bench
Model No.: Y09-3016 Brand: SUGOLD Place of Origin: China
Packing: Carton

Hand-held Particle counter 2.83L Y09-3016


The product uses a color LCD touch screen and is the first hand-held dust particle counter in China.



Technical Parameters:

1. Meet the JJF-1190-2008 dust particle counter verification specifications:

2, self-cleaning time ≤ 10min

3. Measurement repeat relative deviation ≤ ± 10%

4, particle size distribution error 0.5um 5um ≤ ± 20%

5, particle concentration indication error 0.5um ≤ ± 20%

6, sampling flow and error: 2.83L / min ≤ ± 5%

7, measurable particle size range: 0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10um, divided into 6 particle size channels, 0.3um signal to noise ratio ≥ 2.5: 1

8, the maximum measurable particle concentration: ≤ 30K / L

9, current DC7.2V, 1800mAh


Performance parameter

Test particle size

0.3, 0.5,1,3,5,10μm

Light source

Laser diode (lifetime greater than 30,000 hours)


2.83 L/M(0.1cfm)

Counting efficiency

50±10%@0.3μm, 100±10%@0.5μm

Measuring repeated relative deviation


sampling time

User-defined (1 minute to 99 minutes))

Sampling delay

User-defined (1 minute to 99 minutes)

Sampling frequency

1 to 99 times or continuously

Alarm level

Class100 to Class 300,000 (FED209E standard) or 5 to 9 (ISO14464-1 standard)

test method

Single / repeat / continuous / timing / average

Data memory capacity

1000 sets of measurement data

Error indication

xceeding the maximum count, the laser power is attenuated, exceeds the calibration flow (>±5%), and the battery is low.

Communication Interface


Maximum communication rate


Charging time

3 hours, 12 hours for the first charge

Self-cleaning time


Maximum concentration

"+/-5% at 2000000 particles/ft3 (71000 Particle/L)

Screen display mode

LCD touch screen

printing method

External printer with Epson ribbon

Sampling position number

1000 groups

Counting mode

Cumulative number, interval,

power supply

Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (6V/2500mAH) or AC adapter (input 100~240V)

Battery working time

Continuous test time is greater than 6 hours





Environmental conditions

Working environment 15~35°C, 10-85%RH; storage environment: -10~50°C, 10-85%RH

Standard accessories

AC adapter, battery charger, clear filter, power sampling head, portable protection box, operating instructions, original calibration report, Bluetooth printer, data export software

Optional accessories

Verification standard

JIS-B-9921(1997), ASTM-F649-01, ASTM-F328-98 (NIST可溯源) JJG547-1988 GB/T6167-2007 JJF1190-2008

UCL criteria

ISO14644 FS209E


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